Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing system that works on all levels of our being.

The word itself means 'Universal Life Force Energy'. This positive energy is a part of everything, nourishing and maintaining all forms of life.

When we worry, stress and/or fight against the natural flow of our lives, this energy can get blocked. This is where Reiki can help.

The positive energy is channeled through (not from) the Reiki practitioner to the

recipient to help in releasing these 'blockages' that are preventing the feeling of complete wellbeing. Reiki also activates the body's natural ability to heal itself to help alleviate the physical symptoms of the energy blockage.

During a Reiki session, recipients remain fully clothed and lie on a massage table (or, if this is not possible, may sit on a comfortable chair). The Reiki practitioner works through a series of hand positions that may sit lightly on your body or just above. I work intuitively so areas that need more attention, I will provide more time to.

At no time does Reiki hurt. Reiki is experienced differently by different people and by what each individual needs from it at the time. Many report a feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation, others see colours or patterns. Some have a emotional response (from the release of the emotions that has been stored and blocking the flow of energy) and some may have ideas pop into their heads during treatment or shortly after that helps them know how to deal with something differently.

The main benefit people report is the feeling of deep relaxation and calmness.


1hr In Person                                    £35 

90min In Person                               £50

Block Book 5 1hr sessions              £155 (saving £20)

1hr Access Bars + 30 min Reiki      £50

Reiki can also be paired with Access Bars and/or Indian Head Massage if you would like a blended treatment. Prices depend on how long of each treatment you would like so please feel free to get in touch here to learn more.

I have experience of working with people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Learning Disabilities so if you, or someone you support, would like to book a session and have any special requirements please just message me to discuss.

If you have any other requirements, including financial, please do message me to discuss and I will do my best to accomodate you.

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