Fortune Telling

Psychic Readings

My main abilities, that I've had and kept since birth are clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing). Once I discovered these gifts and began embracing and utilising them they strengthened and developed considerably.

I could quite literally talk for hours on this topic but very basically clairsentience means that I am highly sensitive, I can literally feel people's emotions just by being near them or by linking into their energy. I have learned to be able to read and interpret the different layers of emotion I feel (and almost see) around people and so am able to get a good picture of what is affecting people in their lives and how.

My ability with claircognizance is that information just seems to come to my mind spontaneously. Insights just come from seemingly 'nowhere' or I can ask for information and it comes, I can even get it just by focusing on something in my life or on a person, place or object.

These abilities working together mean that I find it very easy to 'tune in' to people's energy, no matter where they are and understand how they are feeling and why as well as receive quite well rounded information that I can pass on through my readings.

My readings are naturally heart centred and compassionate and I am honest and down to earth with my approach. No matter what the subject of the reading, or the feelings involved, I am always given, and therefore pass on, information that helps the client to see things from a different and larger perspective. I only tune in to the highest vibrations and energies and make it my intention before any reading to receive only the information that will clarify, help, uplift and inspire.


No matter how many readings I do, it never ceases to amaze me how much love our guides radiate to us. After 'talking' to clients' guides and feeling their message of love and hope and inspiration, I come away feeling amazing. It is my hope that you can feel that love shining through the words of your guides in your reading too.


Email Reading                        £30

In-Depth Email Reading        £45



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