What Is Access Bars?

Access Bars is a process of gently touching 32 points on your head to help remove the redundant and limiting thoughts, beliefs, judgments and points of view you’ve accumulated that you no longer want or need. These points (the bars) are related to all areas of your life, including joy, sadness, money, control, creativity, body, awareness etc. and they store the electromagnetic component to all the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, stress and locked up energy relating to these areas. ​ When you receive a Bars session, the practitioner touches the points which correlate to head meridians, allowing the charge on these areas to dissipate, along with the stress, worry and limiting beliefs. It frees up the ‘space’ and energy that then allows you to choose/allow something different to show up in your life. Access Bars is an incredibly relaxing process that leaves you feeling very refreshed, optimistic and more open to positive change.  It relieves stress and clears mental clutter and much like deleting the ‘junk’ file on your emails-it clears up space for more of what you actually want! Just some of the benefits include: Deep Relaxation Improved Quality of Sleep More Peaceful Interpersonal Relationships Less Worry and Stress Feeling Happier and/or ‘Lighter’ Greater Mental Clarity Improved Problem-Solving Capacity Greater Motivation More Open to Positive Change Refreshed and Optimistic

If you would like to try this out for yourself I am currently offering the first session half price.

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