Letting Go

I just wanted to share something I learnt recently...

For anyone that works on themselves ('inner work') you will have come across advice to 'let go.' Let go of fear, anger, hurt etc. Well maybe this comes easy for some people but that has been something I have struggled with for years! How? How do I let go? No one has ever answered. I have googled and researched and watched and read all kinds of things and the only advice on how to do it I've heard, is that it needs to be understood and then you 'just put it down, like a bag.' This didn't work for me at all, I proceesed it from all angles. I understood how it's there, why it's there, where it's from etc but couldnt put it down?! Trying just seemed to make me focus on it more. At most I only had success with it for a few days before I seemed to have 'picked it back up again.' I kept trying to put it down but it just seems to come back.

Anyway, I was watching a Youtube video yesterday and scrolling through the comments as I listened and one person, out of the blue and unrelated to the topic, wrote something along the lines of 'I think letting go is more about picking up. You need to pick up what you dropped when you were hurt.'


Such a simple idea, such a simple comment but it absolutely transformed things for me. This is something I can do and it makes so much sense. I see it like when we got hurt in some way, we dropped things, like our confidence or patience or sense of vitality etc. When I'm working on letting go of what I no longer need in my life I envision it more like a swap now. I go back in my mind to the times i was hurt, I envision what I 'dropped,' I pick it up and replace it with what I no longer want.

I suppose different tools work for different people, and this is the right one for me. I wanted to share in case it could help you too. Picking things up that were lost, gives us something we prefer, something we really want. The things we want to put down are usually the things we used as coping mechanisms because we temporarily lost what we actually needed. Therefore, picking up what we lost makes it easier to put down the coping mechanism we no longer need.

So simple. So brilliant <3<3

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