How Simple is Simplicity?

I have been focussing the last few months on trying to simplify my life. My thoughts, my possesions, my decision making, my to-do list, my diet, everything!

That was the plan.

Today it occured to me, after reading about simplicity that, so far, I have actually managed to overcomplicate the simplification process and feel busier than ever! :D

I have to laugh at myself... and begin again. This time trying to simplify the simplifying process! :D :D

It's surprising, even when you're trying to be mindful, how easy it is to just slip into constant 'busy-ness' and being in our heads. So much so that we don't even realise how much we can overthink and overcomplicate pretty much anything! (clearly I can!)

I don't think simplicity necessarily means stopping working hard though, or living a very minimal lifestyle, I think sometimes it might just mean detaching from the mindset of 'struggle' and 'busy-ness' and enjoying as much as we can of the process.

What are your thoughts?

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