Finding Peace

Finding Peace. We all need a little more of it don't we?

I think it's important to remember though that peace doesnt always mean a long candle lit bath, a cuppa and a good book (although it's usually included!) Peace means different things for different people.

For me I feel peace when I do things I'm proud of. It doesnt matter if I'm super busy and drowning under my to-do list, I can get moments of peace when I acheive personal growth, stepped out of my comfort zone, done something that up till now I was too scared to do.

My peace comes from feeling like I'm on the 'right path.' It can come from helping someone feel a little better or more confident. It also can come from just having time to be me. I'm a curious soul and love to spend hours just researching topics I'm interested in. Just for fun. It replenishes me even though technically, I'm busy.

If we only look for peace during rare moments of having time off our bust schedules, we might be missing the point.

What brings you peace?

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