Distance Reiki


Reiki treatments can be very effective even when the energy is sent from a distance. Reiki is intelligent, it knows where it needs to be in a person's body and how to work, when a Reiki practitioner holds the intention to send it to a certain person, that is where the energy will go and it will do it's job the same way as it would with a recipient receiving Reiki in person as it is the energy that does all the work, the channel only provides the instrument through which to flow.


You have the option of a distance treatment with an energy reading or just the distance treatment itself.

I offer distance treatments without a reading for those on a tighter budget or for anyone who would just prefer to have the treatment itself (it is the most important bit!). It will come with a short follow up email to let you know your session is complete and will contain some after care tips.

If you opt for the energy reading, once your treatment is complete I will send you an email detailing everything I worked on for you, what I picked up on energetically in each area for you and what was cleared. It helps to give you a bigger picture of what's been going on for you energetically and can be used as a great tool for further self/inner work if desired. After care tips will also be detailed.



Distance Treatment   (45 mins)                    £15

Distance with Energy Reading  (45 mins)   £25

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