I have created Insightabilty because I feel truly passionate about natural healing, mental health, spirituality and breaking through limiting thoughts/patterns. Everything I offer on this website have been some of the tools that helped me to change my own life around completely.


I began this journey of discovery (re-discovery?!) back when I was a teenager. I had lost my dad to cancer and my whole world seemed to have crumbled around me. I was at an all time low and in a long period of deep grief and despair.

As many people in that situation do, I began looking for answers, Who am I? Does life have a plan for us? Can I heal? How? Is this it for me or is there a choice? Am I capable of more? (Etc. Etc…)

 I am now in a completely different place. Doing the ‘inner work’ helped me navigate my way out of the painful mindset I once lived with. Consistently looking honestly at myself and deciding what the next step was has changed my life. Learning to listen to my body and my feelings as well as introducing natural healing techniques have been some of the main tools that have helped me to come through the other side of all that to a life filled with much happiness and so much more peace, clarity, enthusiasm and excitement for my life! Now I wish to offer my experience and skills to help you get where you want to be, tailored to you as an individual.

So Insightability is about getting back to nature, the nature of ourselves. Finding our inner harmony, joy and creativity and exceeding our ‘limitations’ and expectations. There are many ways to do this and it is different for everyone, but it is my hope and intention to offer some ways to inspire, connect, help you heal yourself and free yourself to create the life you want.




I just love learning,

There's always so much more to discover!

In addition to the qualifications I hold (listed below) I am currently studying Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.



  • Indian Head Massage Diploma


  • Aromatherapy Diploma


  • Access Bars

  • International Massage Diploma


  • Autism Awareness

  • First Aid

  • Safeguarding (Vulnerable Adults)

  • Health and Safety


  • Safeguarding (Children)


  • Counselling for Children and Teens. Level 4


  • Reiki Second Degree

  • Child Psychology Level 4


  • Reiki First Degree