Insight Centred Learning

Developing your company's human resource through tangilble experience of customer thinking and behaviour. We design exceptional learning experiences for organisations andfocused on customer and staff insights, making it real and highly impactful

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Why we do what we do

One weakness of orthodox training is that it occurs in a bubble, detached from real consumers and real marketing issues. We address this by placing bespoke consumer research at the heart of our programmes, with course participants witnessing real consumer research material and discussing insights directly with the research experts. Marketing and consumer management issues are thus brought into the centre of the syllabus with the greatest of impact and immediacy.

Our model is a tried and tested one, with feedback from global and domestic clients already hugely positive.

INSIGHT centred

Each programme is purpose-designed, yet each one is based on real people, real customers, and real decision-making – not on artificial and detached theory.


We deliver expert training to maximise impact. Training is centred on insights and provides staff the opportunity to fully understand customers.

Added value

As a by-product, the key findings of the research will be made available to insight and marketing functions, providing a second layer of value to the business.